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The history of the West touched at one point
About The Author
An Arizona author and native, a fifth-generation Westerner, and great-granddaughter of wagon-train pioneers, Donna Ashworth received her degrees in history and literature from Arizona State University. After fifteen years of teaching high school English and Humanities, during which time she built, with her own hands, a house of stone in the desert north of Phoenix, she resigned from public schools to become a seasonal fire lookout on the Coconino National Forest. In the quarter century she spent on mountain tops, she wrote The Small Mountain Quartet. In 2005 she represented fire lookouts in Washington, D.C., when the Smithsonian Institution offered 100 years of Forest Service culture as part of its 39th annual Folklife Festival on the National Mall.
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  • TheBakersReduced
    The author, back row left, is shown with her parents and siblings in 1942.
    Photo courtesy of Loree Williams
  • DonnaInAlpineDuo
    The author in Alpine, Arizona, circa 1970.
  • BinocularsReduced
    The author showing the Woody Mountain tower sights to a young visitor.
    Photo courtesy of Beth Granger
  • The author on her tower on the National Mall during the Smithsonian Folklife Festival
    The author on her "tower" on the National Mall, Washington, D.C., during the 2005 Smithsonian Institution Folklife Festival
  • DonnaInFlowersReduced
    The author standing among the bougainvillaea at the Gainy Ranch Marriott, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2006.
    Photo courtesy of James Tongue